Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriterChristian singer songwriter

Whats next?


Songs for a new season

I'm always writing snippets of song lyrics down as well as some melodies as they come about but from time to time I get the chance to focus on particular subjects with Gods word in one hand and a pen in the other! I love the art of telling a story and whilst of course, most modern worship often includes multiple repeat lines, particularly in the choruses - I still like to tell a story as well.

These six are already penned and awaiting an EP recording. They are all regularly used in corporate and intimate worship. Send Your Rain has recently been used in a conference ministry session (live) with a small 7 piece band. Wonder is demo recording just voice & keys. Whilst recording is incredible fun, it doesn't come close to being in a gathering of worshippers giving everything to God.  

Perfect Love
In Your time, Lord
Send Your Rain
Stand Strong
New Every Morning


Remaining open to Him

God is limitless and he's interested in our hearts. No matter the size of the band we're in or gathering we are a part of - He wants to come and minister - setting the captives free, healing the sick and broken hearted and helping us up when we stumble and fall. 


He calls us to serve

Whether in church, on your own, with a few friends, in a major conference with thousands or in a cow shed on a farm with just a few hundred - lift your voice to the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, our Provider, our Healer, our Counsellor, our Joy!