Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriterChristian singer songwriter

A little of my story

As a child of 10 or 11 my early encounters with music were as a chorister at school. I loved singing and making music as my senses tingled with the creation process.

As often happens as a teenager your ability to hear becomes dulled by other interests.

I heard the ‘knocking’ in my early twenties as my first daughter was on the way. It was Christmas time and I guess all the way from my chorister days, I loved the carols. I was at the New Years Eve service at All Souls Langham Place in London and Richard Bewes had made a pictorial review of the year just past and at the end asked ‘would it not be better if you went into next year in relationship with God?’

I heard the knocking. I opened the door.

A couple of weeks later I was standing behind Noel Tredinnick who at the end of the service turned round, introduced himself and suggested we met up for a coffee.

Over the following 25 years I sang pretty much most weeks in church as part of the worship team. 

However, many years later I found out that singing in church and being involved in church life doesn’t mean you are listening ……..

If you allow it to (and it’s not always recognizable that it’s happening) life will trap you and overpower you. I was trapped for many years trying to make life work and made a ridiculous mess of it. 

I lost the connection but God kept knocking.

I believe Gods plan is for us to be connected and in dialog with Him.

That means making time to be in His presence and to listen. All relationships take time and effort and generally require twice as much listening as talking!

The six tracks on the Fix Our Eyes EP are part of a journey of listening and dialogue as He reveals more about His ways, desires and plans. They also show a path to our desire to respond, engage and listen. It was such a privilege to work with live strings and a choir in the process of creation creating delicate intimacy on the way. 

Trust in Him, He will never let you down …….