Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriter

Christian singer songwriterChristian singer songwriter



Revelation 3:20  "I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in"

I have found that how we hear, I mean really hear, can be different for each of us!  It's an amazing fact that The Creator of absolutely everything wants to knock on our door but give us the choice to open it to Him. 

Thankfully, He carries on knocking and never ever gives up even though it might take a lifetime for us to hear!

Our world today is a busy, noisy place and there are always always many seemingly valid reasons why we should not listen but I’ve found music and the intimacy of worship can break through to our hearts if we stop the busyness and noise for even just a moment ……. and listen.



Passion for intimacy

Our Creator God is incredibly passionate about us. He is a jealous God and desires intimacy with us. Intimacy in any relationship requires time. In our busy lives, we have to make time to spend with those we love - starting with God! 


Passion for excellence

God longs to see us use our gifts to the very best of our ability. No matter what our gifting or ministry is, we should practice and hone our skills to give excellence in all we do giving God all the praise.


Passion to create

I've found God wants to lead us on a journey with our faith and our relationship. I've found Him to be kind and gentle and ready to give more than I could have ever imagined in lyrics, music and resources to record with passion to create an intimate sound.